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Warm up this winter with Cappupinoccinotage


The name is a mouthful, but so is the wine. With winter drawing closer, this is the perfect time to try Boland Cellar’s Cappupinoccinotage.

This full-bodied Pinotage captures the quintessential earthiness and sweet red berry flavours of South Africa’s indigenous cultivar and delivers seductive notes of mocha and ground coffee. 

Winemaker Bernard Smuts showcases his award-winning winemaking and blending skills by retaining the inherent fruity attractiveness of Pinotage while capturing the seductive coffee and chocolate undertones through skilful oaking.

“We source grapes for the Cappupinoccinotage from five diverse climatic zones within the Paarl region, which gives us the advantage of being able to combine the best characteristics from each climatic zone to blend a truly regional wine with a real sense of place”, says Smuts.  

Smuts who has already proven his affinity to Pinotage, having received numerous accolades for the Boland Cellar Reserve Pinotage, states that although the coffee-style Pinotage is an interesting new category, there is an inherent danger that a wine dominated by too much oak might eventually lose its appeal.

“We wanted to create a wine that will remain interesting to consumers by providing a balance between oak and fruit, thus enticing the palate with complexity as well as with the seductive flavours.  The immediate appeal that Cappupinoccinotage held for so many consumers made it clear that while seasoned wine lovers recognized the complexity of the wine, new generation consumers just loved the fruitiness and the coffee aromas ”, concludes Smuts.  

The Cappupinoccinotage is available from leading supermarkets and liquor outlets nationwide. Also look out for the new 1.5 l LE GRANDE CAPPU bottle, which retails from R60.

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